Our Mission

To innovate technological solutions that are exponentially cheaper, faster, and more effective ways to decode and recode health.

The human body, when working optimally, continually repairs and heals itself.

At Exponential Health Innovations, we aim to awaken the mainstream scientific and healthcare communities to the benefits of bioenergetic and information physics, triggering change towards more effective health solutions that are more affordable with less to zero side effects. 

Through the convergence of mobile sensors, the application of physics to biology, the use of artificial intelligence and digital biology, we are entering an era where it’s possible to more comprehensively understand exactly how the body heals itself. 

We conduct research and create the easiest, most effective, and educative health technology solutions.  

Exponential Health Innovations welcomes the opportunity to elevate and collaborate with data scientists, technologists, organizations, and entrepreneurs in order to develop IP, API’s, and recommendations with the potential to heal one billion+ people.


Our lens for new ventures is always Exponential

What can we help bring to market that is many orders of magnitude cheaper and more effective than what exists today?

What can we do to have an Exponential impact on health and global society?

Answering these questions requires fearlessness thinking and bold action beyond what existing market players may resist.


Our Focus

  • Health data platforms with viral growth potential
  • Digital Biology that is able to upgrade the body’s control (healing) systems
  • Novel, non-invasive ways to analyze health
  • Fundamental health research into the application of Quantum Biology
  • Opportunities to license our technology and expand our reach
  • Partnerships and collaborations to build upon fundamental research